Visual Mapping of Articulable Tacit Knowledge

Busch, P.A., Richards, D. and Dampney, C.N.G.K.

    Tacit knowledge has long been recognised, however its research has focused largely on who is more likely to have this store of knowledge, rather than taking this one step further and elaborating on just how well this knowledge is diffused throughout the organisational domain. We focus our efforts on the IS organisational domain, by which we mean computing workplace professionals as opposed to the entire intra-organisational workplace. Our methodology largely follows the Sternberg example, however we seek also to include information flows through the incorporation of Social Network Analysis techniques. We present here, some qualitative interpretations of our understanding of tacit knowledge and also results from a complete pilot study in Organisation X which illustrates how the pivotal role a even a single individual could affect tacit knowledge information flows within the IS domain.
Cite as: Busch, P.A., Richards, D. and Dampney, C.N.G.K. (2001). Visual Mapping of Articulable Tacit Knowledge. In Proc. Australian Symposium on Information Visualisation, ( 2001), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 9. Eades, P. and Pattison, T., Eds. ACS. 37-47.
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