Conceptual Application Domain Modelling

Thalheim, B., Schewe, K.-D. and Ma, H.

    Application domain description precedes requirements engineering, and is the basis for the development of a software or information system that satisfies all expectations of its users. The greatest challenge in this area is the evolution of the application domain itself. In this paper we address this problem by explicit consideration of application cases that are defined by user profiles and intentions and the system environment, i.e. scope and context. User profiles and intentions are captured through the concept of persona. We show how the application domain description can be mapped to requirements and discuss engineering of application domain descriptions.
Cite as: Thalheim, B., Schewe, K.-D. and Ma, H. (2009). Conceptual Application Domain Modelling. In Proc. Sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling (APCCM 2009), Wellington, New Zealand. CRPIT, 96. Kirchberg, M. and Link, S., Eds. ACS. 49-57.
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