Reverse Engineering of XML Schemas to Conceptual Diagrams

Necasky, M.

    It is frequent in practice that different logical XML schemas representing the same reality from different viewpoints exist. There is also usually a conceptual diagram modeling the reality independently of the viewpoints. It is important to keep the XML schemas and conceptual diagram consistent as they are both utilized for different purposes. In practice, this is however rarely the case. In this paper, we propose a reverse engineering method as a solution to this problem. We provide a semiŠautomatic algorithm that produces mappings of components of the XML schemas to components of the conceptual diagram. The method only provides suggestions for the mapping and manual participation of a domain expert is therefore required.
Cite as: Necasky, M. (2009). Reverse Engineering of XML Schemas to Conceptual Diagrams. In Proc. Sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling (APCCM 2009), Wellington, New Zealand. CRPIT, 96. Kirchberg, M. and Link, S., Eds. ACS. 117-128.
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