Update XML Data by Using Graphical Languages

Ni, W. and Ling, T.W.

    To be a full-featured data exchange format, XML should support not only queries but also updates on its contents. The new W3C XML update facility has proposed a set of operators (insert, delete, replace and rename) and expressions to modify XML data. However, the new update standard is an extension of XPath/XQuery. As a result, it requires the full knowledge about complex XPath/XQuery writing techniques, which is too difficult for common users to use. In this paper, we intuitively represent XML update expressions as graphs. Based on our previous works of GLASS (Graphical query LAnguages for Semi-Structured data), we make an extension, named as GLASSU, to support the new XML update facility. To our best knowledge, it is the world first graphical language that supports XML updates.
Cite as: Ni, W. and Ling, T.W. (2007). Update XML Data by Using Graphical Languages. In Proc. Tutorials, posters, panels and industrial contributions at the 26th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling - ER 2007 Auckland, New Zealand. CRPIT, 83. Grundy, J., Hartmann, S., Laender, A. H. F., Maciaszek, L. and Roddick, J. F., Eds. ACS. 209-214.
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