An e-Process Selection Model

Kaschek, R., Albertyn, F., Shekhovtsov, V.A. and Zlatkin, S.

    A number of e-Processes (i.e. software processes for developing e-Commerce information systems) exist in industry. We presuppose that for a subclass of these their targeted quality is considered as a driving force of system development. The complexity of selecting a well-suited e-Process for a case at hand is thus increased as e-Process knowledge needs to be blended with system quality knowledge. We suggest an approach for selecting a best suited one out of a set of admissible e-Processes using the Analytic Hierarchy Process for knowledge blending and discuss how the data generated can be used for assuring the sensibility of the selection. We explain the AHP-based selection procedure, tradeoff and sensitivity analysis; briefly discuss a case study and the applicability of this approach.
Cite as: Kaschek, R., Albertyn, F., Shekhovtsov, V.A. and Zlatkin, S. (2007). An e-Process Selection Model. In Proc. Tutorials, posters, panels and industrial contributions at the 26th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling - ER 2007 Auckland, New Zealand. CRPIT, 83. Grundy, J., Hartmann, S., Laender, A. H. F., Maciaszek, L. and Roddick, J. F., Eds. ACS. 115-120.
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