User Evaluation of God-like Interaction Techniques

Stafford, A. and Piekarski, W.

    God-like interaction is a metaphor for improved communication of situational and navigational information between outdoor users, equipped with mobile augmented reality systems, and indoor users, equipped with tabletop projector display systems. This paper presents the results of a user evaluation that explores user experience to a subset of the godlike interaction metaphor. The tasks performed by the participants were designed around known problems in the AR community. The results of the evaluation are intended to help define the boundaries in which the god-like interaction metaphor is practical for communication of navigational and situational information. This paper reports the findings of the evaluation as well as recommendations for further development of the interaction metaphor.
Cite as: Stafford, A. and Piekarski, W. (2008). User Evaluation of God-like Interaction Techniques. In Proc. Ninth Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC 2008), Wollongong, NSW, Australia. CRPIT, 76. Plimmer, B. and Weber, G., Eds. ACS. 19-27.
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