A Generalised Spreadsheet Verification Methodology

Randolph, N., Morris, J. and Lee, G.

    Although spreadsheets have been around for over thirty years, we are only just realising their importance. Most companies use spreadsheets in their decision-making processes, but rarely employ any form of testing. This paper shows how an 'all-uses' test adequacy technique can be integrated into Microsoft's Excel. The modular technique adopted makes the implementation spreadsheet package independent. It also includes a user interface, to assist developers specify test cases and a technique for recording test cases and session information. In particular it presents a systematic technique for constructing test cases. As a key problem with spreadsheet development is the inexperience of developers, this paper describes an easy to use tool that will improve the standard of spreadsheets developed.
Cite as: Randolph, N., Morris, J. and Lee, G. (2002). A Generalised Spreadsheet Verification Methodology. In Proc. Twenty-Fifth Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC2002), Melbourne, Australia. CRPIT, 4. Oudshoorn, M. J., Ed. ACS. 215-222.
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