HazLog: Tool Support for Hazard Management

Hamoy, C., Hemer, D. and Lindsay, P.

    Industry is increasingly adopting software and system safety standards that mandate the use of hazard logs in the development and operation of safety critical systems. Hazard logs are used to record and track the results of hazard analysis and risk assessment throughout the lifecycle of the system. Even relatively simple systems give rise to large amounts of information and the need for tools to support the management of hazard logs. Def(Aust) 5679 is the Australian Department of Defence's standard for procurement of computer-based safety critical systems. Def(Aust) 5679 has particular requirements for the nature of the information that needs to be tracked in the hazard log, and on the way that levels of trust (LOT) and safety integrity levels (SIL) are assigned to safety requirements. This paper describes a prototype tool, called HazLog, that has been built on top of the DOORS tool in order to support the Def(Aust) 5679 hazard management process. DOORS is a requirements management tool which is already widely used within the Australian Department of Defence. Because many users will already be familiar with DOORS, learning to use the HazLog tool is expected to be easy. The tool helps users structure their hazard logs in the form required by Def(Aust) 5679, and helps them check the LOT and SIL rules from Def(Aust) 5679.
Cite as: Hamoy, C., Hemer, D. and Lindsay, P. (2004). HazLog: Tool Support for Hazard Management. In Proc. Ninth Australian Workshop on Safety-Related Programmable Systems (SCS 2004), Brisbane, Australia. CRPIT, 47. Cant, T., Ed. ACS. 77-87.
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