Translation of Rights Expressions

Cooper, B. and Montague, P.

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) is concerned with the controlled distribution and usage of digital works in order to prevent unauthorized usage of digital content. A significant component of a DRM system is a well-defined language for expressing the rights which a user/device has been granted. Such a language is known as a Rights Expression Lanugage (REL). Various technical communities have developed alternative rights expression languages. It is expected that in the marketplace different rights expression languages will be used as determined by the business needs and constraints of content and service providers. From such market fragmentation arises the need to move content between different DRM schemes, and so there is a need to translate rights expressions between RELs. In this paper, we examine the challenges that must be addressed when developing a rights expression translation and then present several approaches to rights expression translation.
Cite as: Cooper, B. and Montague, P. (2005). Translation of Rights Expressions. In Proc. Third Australasian Information Security Workshop (AISW 2005), Newcastle, Australia. CRPIT, 44. Safavi-Naini, R., Montague, P. and Sheppard, N., Eds. ACS. 137-144.
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