Grid Computing in Europe: From Research to Deployment

Berlich, R., Kunze, M. and Schwarz, K.

    Grid Computing has, over the past few years, matured sufficiently to make it a viable solution for realworld problems. However, there are many different toolkits today that allow to build a Grid environment. And while this wealth of different solutions may offer techniques applicable to the widest possible range of computational problems, their very availability directly contradicts the inherent promise of the 'World Wide Grid' to offer a compatible and standardised infrastructure. The European Union project EGEE1 aims at a consolidation of existing efforts and will assist in the deployment of the resulting Grid middleware gLite by offering support and training to new users, both in academia and industry. This paper introduces the historical development and present scope of European Grid projects and middlewares leading up to EGEE. Beyond its European scope, the paper tries to clarify their relationships to worldwide initiatives and to give an insight into the lessons learned during the development. The paper concludes with the introduction of a national Grid deployment project - the German D-Grid initiative.
Cite as: Berlich, R., Kunze, M. and Schwarz, K. (2005). Grid Computing in Europe: From Research to Deployment. In Proc. Australasian Workshop on Grid Computing and e-Research (AusGrid 2005), Newcastle, Australia. CRPIT, 44. Buyya, R., Coddington, P. and Wendelborn, A., Eds. ACS. 21-27.
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