Intelligent Cache Management for Data Grid

Ahmed, M.U., Zaheer, R.A. and Qadir, M.A.

    Data grid is a composition of different services for accessing and manipulating data in a distributed environment. One of the major problems is high access time of remote queries in the data grid. In this paper we present a scheme for data cache management system for data intensive applications on Data Grid, which provides a faster access to remote data by intelligently managing the copies in the local cache. In our architecture, we emphasize on data cache management for a multi DB heterogenous database environment using basic Grid services. We give a detailed view for manipulating intelligent cache for structured queries. We also cover, to some extent, intelligent query distribution concept in our homogenous intra-organization data grid with example scenarios.
Cite as: Ahmed, M.U., Zaheer, R.A. and Qadir, M.A. (2005). Intelligent Cache Management for Data Grid. In Proc. Australasian Workshop on Grid Computing and e-Research (AusGrid 2005), Newcastle, Australia. CRPIT, 44. Buyya, R., Coddington, P. and Wendelborn, A., Eds. ACS. 5-12.
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