Developing Case Studies to Enhance Student Learning

Clarke, S., Thomas, R.C. and Adams, M.

    In this paper we describe the cases developed in response to the multifaceted challenges we faced in educating IT professionals in intermediate-level programming. The challenges included: the practical nature of the subject, the level of skill attained, preparing students for the workplace and class size. We implemented Problem- Based Learning (PBL) as the teaching and learning method to meet these challenges by helping first-year university students learn programming while simultaneously developing graduate capabilities. This necessitated redevelopment of the curriculum and the way it was taught. We combined software engineering and information systems approaches in real-world scenarios. The cases were designed to help students come to terms with the human side of information technology through the context and method of teaching and learning as they worked through the cases.
Cite as: Clarke, S., Thomas, R.C. and Adams, M. (2005). Developing Case Studies to Enhance Student Learning. In Proc. Seventh Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2005), Newcastle, Australia. CRPIT, 42. Young, A. and Tolhurst, D., Eds. ACS. 101-108.
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