Self and Peer Assessment in Software Engineering Projects

Clark, N., Davies, P. and Skeers, R.

    Team software engineering projects can enhance student learning and commitment, but it is challenging to determine a method of assessment that assesses the intended learning outcomes; particularly when assessing teamwork and an individual's contribution to the team's work. The students themselves are often the best source of meaningful data, and self and peer assessment is a valuable part of the whole assessment scheme. To ensure the integrity of the final grade it is necessary to use a variety of tools and to check the correlation between data from different sources. To increase the learning opportunities it is useful to repeat some assessment tasks during the course. However, this can be time-consuming for the lecturer to collate and analyse, and providing timely feedback to the students is difficult. Web-based peer assessment offers an opportunity to provide quality, timely feedback in a way that is manageable by the lecturer.
Cite as: Clark, N., Davies, P. and Skeers, R. (2005). Self and Peer Assessment in Software Engineering Projects. In Proc. Seventh Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2005), Newcastle, Australia. CRPIT, 42. Young, A. and Tolhurst, D., Eds. ACS. 91-100.
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