Shape Similarity Search Using XML and Portal Technology

Yu, M.H., Lim, C.C. and Jin, J.S.

    This paper proposed an out-sourcing system to improve the shape recognition in terms of the accuracy, speed, and also the accessibility of such tool over the Internet. The proposed system will be implemented using XML and Java technology. It is the first web-based system to provide such shape-searching tool using the XML and out-source portal concepts. Users can either browse the shape and its similarities on the web or users can use the drawing tool to draw and search the shape. The proposed system will use a three-layers method to extract the features information of the shape and represent this information in an XML format. Then this XML value will be passed to registered web portals to search for any similar diagram using XML query. Query results will be returned and all matched results will be re-examined and ranked, hence the proposed system will return the best matched results to the user. The web-based system provides easy access for Internet user regardless of the operating platform.
Cite as: Yu, M.H., Lim, C.C. and Jin, J.S. (2004). Shape Similarity Search Using XML and Portal Technology. In Proc. 2003 Pan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information Processing (VIP2003), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 36. Piccardi, M., Hintz, T., He, S., Huang, M. L. and Feng, D. D., Eds. ACS. 109-112.
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