Texture Classification using Multi-Scale Scheme

Park, M., Jin, J.S. and Wilson, L.S.

    Image segmentation by texture processing involves processing an image in sections called blocks. There are some considerable problems that can occur at the boundary of the image (or segmented object), the border between different textures in an image and any small area with high intensity against its background. This paper analyses those problems and proposes a solution using a new block operation called 'score block operation' based on multi-scale texture classification.
Cite as: Park, M., Jin, J.S. and Wilson, L.S. (2004). Texture Classification using Multi-Scale Scheme. In Proc. 2003 Pan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information Processing (VIP2003), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 36. Piccardi, M., Hintz, T., He, S., Huang, M. L. and Feng, D. D., Eds. ACS. 67-70.
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