An Architecture for Multi-View Information Overlays

Weber, D. and Phillips, M.

    This paper describes an architecture for supporting multi-view information overlays within the InVision visualisation framework. The concept of an information overlay is defined as well its key benefits, including the ability to support coordination of presentation across differing views. We describe how we can then abstract a view to being simply the lowest overlay in a generalised stack of information overlays. A description of the concrete implementation of the overlay architecture that has been developed for InVision is also presented. The InVision technique for supporting multi-view display coordination is then briefly compared to existing techniques supported by other environments.
Cite as: Weber, D. and Phillips, M. (2004). An Architecture for Multi-View Information Overlays. In Proc. Australasian Symposium on Information Visualisation, ('04), Christchurch, New Zealand. CRPIT, 35. Churcher, N. and Churcher, C., Eds. ACS. 9-15.
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