A Colour-Filling Approach For Visualising Trait Evolution With Phylogenies

Carrizo, S.F.

    The development of powerful visualisation tools is a major challenge in bioinformatics. Phylogenetics, a field with a growing impact on a variety of life science areas, is experiencing an increasing but poorly met requirement for software supporting the advanced visualisation of phylogenies. This paper describes a new method to visualise trait evolution across a phylogenetic tree by using colour to represent ancestral trait values. This space-efficient method supports trait visualisation on very large phylogenetic trees, and adds a new dimension to the conventional phylogenetic tree representation in order to convey extra information. Initial usability tests by phylogeneticists show that this technique indeed enhances their data analysis processes
Cite as: Carrizo, S.F. (2004). A Colour-Filling Approach For Visualising Trait Evolution With Phylogenies. In Proc. Australasian Symposium on Information Visualisation, (invis.au'04), Christchurch, New Zealand. CRPIT, 35. Churcher, N. and Churcher, C., Eds. ACS. 117-126.
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