Internationalisation in the Large at Oracle

Richardson, J.

    This presentation is focused upon the most significant problems of software internationalization which we have confronted at Oracle over the past decade, as the core database and application suites have been deployed in as many as twenty-eight different languages, with numerous additional locale variations. While some of this material is necessarily historical, it provides a critical industry backdrop to the substantial technical progress which has been made in recent years, and some opportunity to reflect on some of the more useful and enduring of the approaches adopted. Nevertheless, in spite of our success in addressing these initial issues, the increasing complexity of modern applications and the more demanding business environment have introduced additional challenges, and the remainder of the talk is devoted to two of the more important: Simultaneous shipping of applications to multiple target locales - with reference to the Oracle SimShip project; and The difficulty of internationalizing applications to take account of locale-specific business rules. The presentation will conclude with some attempt at a wish-list for tool support in these and other aras of the problem domain.
Cite as: Richardson, J. (2004). Internationalisation in the Large at Oracle. In Proc. Australasian Workshop on Software Internationalisation (AWSI2004), Dunedin, New Zealand. CRPIT, 32. Hogan, J., Ed. ACS. 197.
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