Survivability and Business Continuity Management

Quirchmayr, G.

    With the number of attacks on systems increasing, it is highly probable that sooner or later an intrusion will be successful. Not having to execute a complete shutdown in this situation will soon be a standard requirement. The intention of this paper therefore is to give an overview of business continuity management and to address selected issues in system survivability and business continuity management. The core question is how systems should be built in order to cope with a successful intrusion, i.e. being able to balance the necessity to be up and running with the potential damage that can be done by an intruder.
Cite as: Quirchmayr, G. (2004). Survivability and Business Continuity Management. In Proc. Second Australasian Information Security Workshop (AISW2004), Dunedin, New Zealand. CRPIT, 32. Montague, P. and Steketee, C., Eds. ACS. 3-6.
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