Large Scale 3D Clustering and Abstraction

Quigley, A.J.

    Typically, a user can understand a clear textual description of a small amount of relational information. However, when dealing with large amounts of relational information, a vast amount of text quickly becomes cumbersome. Existing methods and techniques, for the visualization of relational information, tend to effectively deal with only relatively small data sets. Here we present methods to generate a hierarchical compound graph for the large 3D visualisation of relational information. These large compound graphs can effectively be drawn using a modified force-directed algorithm with horizon drawings.
Cite as: Quigley, A.J. (2001). Large Scale 3D Clustering and Abstraction. In Proc. Selected papers from Pan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information Processing (VIP2000), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 2. Eades, P. and Jin, J., Eds. ACS. 117-118.
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