A Telemedicine System over Internet

Chen, Z., Yu, X. and Feng, D.D.

    Online telemedicine is the development of the Internet as a vehicle for the use of electronic information and communication technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants. For more than 30 years, clinicians, health service researchers, and others have been investigating the use of advanced telecommunications and information technologies to improve health care. Although telemedicine is hardly unique among health care services in lacking evidence of its effectiveness, the increasing demand for such evidence by health plans, patients, clinicians, and policymakers challenges advocates of clinical telemedicine to undertake more and better evaluations of its practicality, value, and afford ability. Webbased telemedicine systems have been attempted by many researchers, and the most approaches are experimented with the use of videoconferencing for remote consultation. However, current telemedicine applications are usually developed for doctors to do consultation and case study between several hospitals. It is possible for patients to see doctors at home via Internet and it might be a part of life style in the future. In this paper, we developed a patient oriented web-based telemedicine system, in which a novel secrete key encryption/decryption scheme is also developed for payment security. The system could be easily extended to the Picture and Archive Communication Systems(PACS) system
Cite as: Chen, Z., Yu, X. and Feng, D.D. (2001). A Telemedicine System over Internet. In Proc. Selected papers from Pan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information Processing (VIP2000), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 2. Eades, P. and Jin, J., Eds. ACS. 113-115.
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