A Case Study of Cartoon Visualisation Using AspectJ

Khaled, R., Noble, J. and Biddle, R.

    In this paper, we present a real-time visualization of a port simulation program. It makes use of cartoon visualization and was crated using InspectJ, our AspectJ-driven visualization framework. AspectJ is an aspect-oriented extension to Java that allows concerns that cut across a program to be addressed explicityly in aspect components, thereby supporting a novel approach to visualization control. InspectJ renders visualizations on a Tk canvas. The combination of using AspectJ for program monitoring and the Tk canvas made creation of the visualization reasonably fast and fairly straightforward. We discuss interesting issues relating to the visualizations of frameworks, as well as future directions for framework visualization, such as the web-based visualization creation systems. We also discuss cartoon animation as a means of visualization, along with its potential applications.
Cite as: Khaled, R., Noble, J. and Biddle, R. (2003). A Case Study of Cartoon Visualisation Using AspectJ. In Proc. Australian Symposium on Information Visualisation, (invis.au'03), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 24. Pattison, T. and Thomas, B., Eds. ACS. 117-125.
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