Visualisation of Surveillance Coverage by Latency Mapping

Hew, P.C.

    This paper introduces latency mapping as a technique for visualising surveillance coverage. Built on a concept for modelling the total effort by a surveillance force, latency mapping provides an understanding of the collective sensor coverage against a region of interest, in space and time. Latency mapping has been used to support the analysis of maritime surveillance operations in Australia's northern waters, and has been proposed for integration into Australia's Joint Command Support System (JCSS). .
Cite as: Hew, P.C. (2003). Visualisation of Surveillance Coverage by Latency Mapping. In Proc. Australian Symposium on Information Visualisation, ('03), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 24. Pattison, T. and Thomas, B., Eds. ACS. 11-16.
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