Image Mosaics Based on Homogenous Coordinates

Shao, X., Xu, C. and Lim, J.-H.

    The need to combine pictures into panoramic mosaics has existed since the beginning of photography, as the camera's field of view is always smaller than the human field of view. Photo mosaicing, a technique to paste together several pictures to create a panoramic mosaic, gives us a more complete view of the scene. In this paper, an image mosaic approach is proposed. Homogeneous coordinates are used to represent points. The overlapped points for each RGB channel are interpolated to generate mosaics after projecting the points from different images to the reference image. Experiments illustrate that the proposed approach can obtain an ideal mosaic result.
Cite as: Shao, X., Xu, C. and Lim, J.-H. (2003). Image Mosaics Based on Homogenous Coordinates. In Proc. Pan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information Processing (VIP2002), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 22. Jin, J. S., Eades, P., Feng, D. D. and Yan, H., Eds. ACS. 93.
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