iWeaver: Towards 'Learning Style'-based e-Learning in Computer Science Education

Wolf, C.

    Although learning style theory is widely accepted amongst educational theorists in the context of traditional classroom environments, there is still little research on the adaptation to individual styles in an e-learning environment. In particular the possibility of fluctuations in a learning style with changing tasks or content has not yet been addressed. The described PhD project named iWeaver was designed to provide a flexible, yet manageable environment for the learner by implementing adaptive hypermedia techniques. iWeaver draws upon the widely recognised Dunn & Dunn learning styles model and derived learning strategies. It uses database-driven JavaServer Pages, which generate 'media experiences' (e.g. interactive Flash animations or streaming audio) and other specifically developed 'learning tools' to teach the Java programming language. This paper describes the system architecture of iWeaver and gives technical details on the implementation of specific media experiences and learning tools. An approach to predict and accommodate fluctuations in a learning style profile that will be integrated in a future version of the environment is discussed.
Cite as: Wolf, C. (2003). iWeaver: Towards 'Learning Style'-based e-Learning in Computer Science Education. In Proc. Fifth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2003), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 20. Greening, T. and Lister, R., Eds. ACS. 273-279.
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