Bootstrapping Computer Science in Old North Wales

Hawick, K.A. and James, H.A.

    We describe our experiences in setting up a new Computer Science department in an established University within the UK. We drew upon our experiences in teaching Computing in Australia, the USA and the UK. We discuss cultural differences and constraints upon us in designing and teaching a BSc in Computer Science. We also relate teaching and culture bootstrap effects from having to start a whole new department from origins in an Engineering and Mathematics School. We relate our design decisions and experiences in setting up teaching and learning methods and appropriate assessment practices for the rapidly broadening discipline of Computer Science. We also describe our PhD programme and our early experiences of a taught MSc programme
Cite as: Hawick, K.A. and James, H.A. (2003). Bootstrapping Computer Science in Old North Wales. In Proc. Fifth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2003), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 20. Greening, T. and Lister, R., Eds. ACS. 25-33.
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