A Methodology for the Design of Courses in Information Systems

Bryant, K.C.

    A wealth of literature exists on the use of Internet technologies for Information Systems education; however, there is little research on course design methodologies that are particularly suited to Information Systems courses. This paper reviews several generic frameworks for course design and develops one that incorporates the important elements of each for use in designing Information Systems courses. The development process revealed that there was a framework within a framework, that is a higher order cyclical framework and the lower level design/redesign framework. The results of initial research on the applicability of the framework for the design/redesign of Information Systems courses suggest support for the usefulness of the approach.
Cite as: Bryant, K.C. (2003). A Methodology for the Design of Courses in Information Systems. In Proc. Fifth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2003), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 20. Greening, T. and Lister, R., Eds. ACS. 159-167.
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