From Informatics to Bioinformatics

Bajic, V.B., Brusic, V., Li, J., Ng, S.-K. and Wong, L.

    Informatics has helped in launching molecular biology into the genomic era. It appears certain that informatics will continue to be a major factor in the success of molecular biology in the post-genome era. In this paper, we describe advances made in data integration and data mining technologies that are relevant to molecular biology and biomedical sciences. In particular, we discuss some past and present research results on topics such as (a) the taming of autonomous heterogeneous distributed data sources, (b) the prediction of immunogenic peptides, (c) the discovery of gene structure features, (d) the classification of gene expression profiles, and (e) the extraction of protein interaction information from literature.
Cite as: Bajic, V.B., Brusic, V., Li, J., Ng, S.-K. and Wong, L. (2003). From Informatics to Bioinformatics. In Proc. First Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC2003), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 19. Chen, Y.-P. P., Ed. ACS. 3-12.
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