Icons R Icons

Barr, P., Noble, J. and Biddle, R.

    Icons are used in almost every graphical user-interface to computer software. Despite this, there is a serious lack of comprehension of what they are and how they work. The application of semiotics to user-interface icons can help to solve this problem by providing a framework for understanding icons in. This paper suggests such a semiotic approach and then applies it to real-world icons to show its effectiveness. Some hypothetical guidelines are derived from application and a strong analytic technique results.
Cite as: Barr, P., Noble, J. and Biddle, R. (2003). Icons R Icons. In Proc. Fourth Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC2003), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 18. Biddle, R. and Thomas, B., Eds. ACS. 25-32.
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