Database Component Ware

Thalheim, B.

    Database development has mainly be considered as development of database structuring. Functionality and interactivity specification has been neglected in the past. The derivability of functionality has been a reason for this restriction of the database design approach. At the same time, applications and the required functionality became more complex. Functionality specification may be based on workflow engines. Interaction support is often not specified but hidden within the interfaces. It may, however, be specified through the story space and the supporting media type suite. Distributed applications are based on an explicit specification of import/export views, on services provided and on exchange frames. The integration of all these parts has not yet been performed. The co-design approach aims in bridging all these different aspects of applications and provides additionally a sound methodology for development of all these aspects.
Cite as: Thalheim, B. (2003). Database Component Ware. In Proc. Fourteenth Australasian Database Conference (ADC2003), Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 17. Schewe, K.-D. and Zhou, X., Eds. ACS. 13-26.
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