Towards a 3D Sketch-Based Modelling API

Zeng, Y., Song, Z. and Wunsche, B.C.

    Sketch-based applications are rapidly gaining popularity in 3D modelling because of the intuitive pen-and-paper metaphor. Even inexperienced users with little computer graphics and digital design background can use them to create 3D models rapidly. However, the development of sketch-based applications is usually difficult and time consuming. In this paper, we present a framework for simplifying the development of sketch-based 3D modelling applications. The framework integrates existing techniques for 3D sketch processing with a processing pipeline for sketch input, a state-machine for defining processing parameters and modes, and a customised event handler. The modular design means that the functionality of the framework can be easily extended in the future. Experimental results suggest that the framework is easy to use and the implemented functionalities work correctly.
Cite as: Zeng, Y., Song, Z. and Wunsche, B.C. (2014). Towards a 3D Sketch-Based Modelling API. In Proc. Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC 2014) Auckland, New Zealand. CRPIT, 150. Wunsche, B.C. and Marks, S. Eds., ACS. 21-28
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