Ephemeral Interaction Using Everyday Objects

Walsh, J.A., Itzstein, S.V. and Thomas, B.H.

    The ability for Tangible User Interfaces to enable the intuitive control of existing systems and adapt to individual users' usage scenarios remains an area of development. Previous research in customizable tangible interfaces has focused primarily on the offline creation by the original system developer, instead of offering extensibility to the end user. This paper presents our system to support the ad-hoc creation of `disposable' UIs using both projected controls and physical objects. To support these controls, a software based patch panel enables data to be mapped to external systems, and from external systems back to the system itself. Using a projector, depth camera and 6DOF tracking system, users can create and map tangible/touch-based ad-hoc user controls to existing system functionality. This allows users to both quickly create new inputs for existing functionality, as well as create new arbitrary input devices from completely passive components.
Cite as: Walsh, J.A., Itzstein, S.V. and Thomas, B.H. (2014). Ephemeral Interaction Using Everyday Objects. In Proc. Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC 2014) Auckland, New Zealand. CRPIT, 150. Wunsche, B.C. and Marks, S. Eds., ACS. 29-38
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