Interactive vs. Static Location-based Advertisements

Raijmakers, M., Shahid, S. and Mubin, O.

    Our research is focused on analysing how users perceive different mediums of advertisements on their mobile devices. Such advertisements are also called location-based advertisements (LBA’s) as they relay brand and product information to mobile phones that are in the vicinity. We investigated two different ways of presentation marketing information (static vs. interactive). Our results clearly showed that interactive (clickable advertisement with additional information) LBAs were preferred to static LBAs.
Cite as: Raijmakers, M., Shahid, S. and Mubin, O. (2013). Interactive vs. Static Location-based Advertisements. In Proc. User Interfaces 2013 (AUIC 2013) Melbourne, Australia. CRPIT, 139. Smith, R.T. and Wunsche, B.C. Eds., ACS. 139-130
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