Digital Camcorder Forensics

Ariffin, A., Choo, K.R. and Slay, J.

    Digital camcorders commonly have an in-built capability to export entire video files or a single image to storage media such as a digital versatile disc (DVD). In the event that a DVD is not properly finalised, its contents might not be easily readable. It is generally accepted that recovering video evidence from an unfinalised DVD in a forensically sound manner is an expensive and a challenging exercise. In this paper, we propose a digital camcorder forensics technique that allows digital forensics examiners to carve video files with timestamps without referring to a file system (file system independent technique). We then conduct a forensic analysis to validate our proposed technique.
Cite as: Ariffin, A., Choo, K.R. and Slay, J. (2013). Digital Camcorder Forensics. In Proc. Information Security 2013 (AISC 2013) Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 138. Thomborson, C. and Parampalli. U. Eds., ACS. 39-48
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