JetXSLT: A Resource-Conscious XSLT Processor

Shui, W. and Wong, R.

    Streaming XSLT transformations is one of the goals of the XML community. However, it has proved difficult or impossible to have a streaming implementation of the full XSLT language. Many partial solutions have been developed to address this problem so far. This paper describes a more complete processor called JetXSLT - a resourceconscious XSLT processor, which uses less memory and CPU processing compared to other approaches. It processes XSLT stylesheets containing multiple template rules with only a single pass of the source XML document/stream. We also propose a novel selection and filtering mechanism catered specifically for XSLT, which can process multiple XPath selection patterns containing both structural and aggregate predicates with only a single pass of the source XML document. We present its overall design, data structures, implementation and experiments and show that it outperforms other popular alternatives. Keywords: XSLT, XML, XSL, streaming
Cite as: Shui, W. and Wong, R. (2013). JetXSLT: A Resource-Conscious XSLT Processor. In Proc. Database Technologies 2013 (ADC 2013) Adelaide, Australia. CRPIT, 137. Wang, H. and Zhang, R. Eds., ACS. 71-80
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