Cryptanalysis of RC4-Based Hash Function

Orumiehchiha, M.A., Pieprzyk, J, and Steinfeld, R.

    RC4-Based Hash Function is a new proposed hash function based on RC4 stream cipher for ultra low power devices. In this paper, we analyse the security of the function against collision attack. It is shown that the attacker can find collision and multi-collision messages with complexity only 6 compress function operations and negligible memory with time complexity 213. In addition, we show the hashing algorithm can be distinguishable from a truly random sequence with probability close to one.
Cite as: Orumiehchiha, M.A., Pieprzyk, J, and Steinfeld, R. (2012). Cryptanalysis of RC4-Based Hash Function. In Proc. Australasian Information Security Conference (AISC 2012) Melbourne, Australia. CRPIT, 125. Pieprzyk, J.and Thomborson, C. Eds., ACS. 33-38
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