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13 Jan 2014 - Volumes 147-155 are now available
31 May 2013 - Volumes 134-145 are now available
20 Jan 2012 - Volumes 121-130 are now available
13 May 2011 - Volumes 113-120 are now available

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Outline of Series

The Australian Computer Society recognises that academic conferences provide an excellent opportunity for new ideas to be discussed and developed by researchers in Information Technology. The ACS, through this series, thus supports the publication of conference series aimed at providing a cost-effective (ie. not-for-profit) service to IT researchers.

The Conference in Research and Practice in Information Technology (CRPIT) series (a parallel series to the Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology) aims to facilitate the dissemination of proceedings from peer-reviewed conferences in all areas of IT. Volumes in the series comprise all or selected papers from acceptable conferences. For a conference/workshop to be acceptable for publication in the CRPIT series, it will normally:

  1. Have a programme committee with international membership, comprised of recognised active researchers in the field,
  2. Referee all submitted papers in full (although additional abstracts and posters can be included - they will be listed as such),
  3. Be advertised and open to researchers internationally,
  4. Have in place suitable quality control mechanisms that ensure that the quality of the papers included in the volume is acceptable. For conferences this will normally include an acceptance rate of at most 50%.

Conferences can consist of either all or selected papers and can be produced either in time to act as proceedings for the conference or as a post-conference volume.

Following acceptance of the conference by the series editor, the papers are selected as appropriate by the organisers of that conference. Except in agreed circumstances, such as when the work is undertaken by Government research organisations, the ACS assumes the copyright of the paper but gives blanket approval for reproduction for academic, not-for profit purposes.

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