How People Read Graphs

Huang, W. and Eades, P.

    The graph layout problem has long been a major concern for effectiveness of conveying information. To propose user-centred aesthetic criteria for a 'good' layout, it is important to have knowledge on how people read graphs; how a particular graph layout characteristic can affect people's reading performance. On the other hand, despite the increasingly wide use of graphs in everyday life, yet we know surprisingly little about how people actually read graphs. The present eye tracking study in this paper is an attempt to perform an initial investigation into this issue and provide data that can help build the basic understanding of how people read graphs.
Cite as: Huang, W. and Eades, P. (2005). How People Read Graphs. In Proc. Asia Pacific Symposium on Information Visualisation (APVIS2005), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 45. Hong, S.-H., Ed. ACS. 51-58.
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